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“The development of Wales as a “data nation” is highly relevant to our mission, and ONS can significantly benefit from and contribute to the development of a Data Nation Accelerator – in particular, through enhancement of techniques and theory aligned to new data sources, such as online media, and societal issues, alongside advanced skills and training. This requires cross disciplinary expertise related to the use of data, which Welsh Universities are well placed to provide.”

– Sir Ian Diamond UK’s National Statistician, Office for National Statistics

“Siemens has already established strong relationships in Wales and there is a significant opportunity to build on considerable data assets, infrastructure and investment. The Data Nation Accelerator seems an excellent opportunity to bring together these assets, investments and partners in a unique way, to tackle challenges in a cross disciplinary approach, and develop and test innovative solutions that will deliver real tangible benefit.”

– Professor Paul Beasley, UK R&D Director, Siemens

Recent Projects

Chronic Movement

Context-aware gait monitoring in the community for patients with chronic movement disorders

COVID Modelling

Rare Clinical Event Modelling and Prediction for COVID Patients

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Our mission is to lead the Data Nation Accelerator through partnering with business and other organisations to co-develop innovative solutions to key societal and industrial challenges.

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